Process: We Help You Design What You Need

You may not have any ideas and need help from start to finish. We are here to help! Our initial meeting takes place in your home where we discuss your likes and dislikes, colors and textures and the functionality of the space or furniture to be built. You may be asked to gather pictures, references to books, links online — anything that will give us an idea of your personality and aesthetic sensibility and help us create a product that fits your life. We then draft preliminary drawings, which is generally a two-week process. Please note that a design fee is required for the final drawings. The drawings are released once a contract is in place.

When the drawings are finalized and the bid is approved, the contract is signed, a building schedule is established and the materials are secured. We at Bucklan Design want to make sure everything is set from the beginning in order to maximize on a smooth process and leave room for flexibility should anything unexpected occur.